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Welcome to On Track Global Railroad Consulting Services where it is our job to keep you on the right track.
On Track Global Consulting Services (Operated by Premier Imports, LLC) is a company with unique hands-on experience within Railroad Industry world-wide. Its management and employees bring combined close to 40 years of experience working with various Railway related entities around the world. These activities included successful procurement and supplies of Track Maintenance Equipment, Locomotives, Signaling Systems Equipment and Maintenance and Consulting Services to private, public and Government Railroads and Companies. List of former and present Customers includes: Class 1, Short Line and Transit Railroads and Railroad Contracting Companies in the US and Canada; RZD (Russian Railways) with its regional subsidiaries and Mining Railroads in Russian and CIS; Mining and Main-Line Railroads in North, Central and South America; Indian Railways, IRCON and DFCC in India; Mining Railroads in Australia and Africa. Over the years, our company’s management and employees have developed unique, strong personal contacts with key personnel within railroad and mining industries in Russia, India, Australia, USA and South America.
On Track Global parent company Premier Imports, LLC has been appointed as an exclusive Importer/Distributor for Battery Factor's battery restoration technology and products in North America.
This unique GREEN technology will be used to renew and restore lead-acid batteries of all types including Industrial, Stationary, Traction, Starter and Sealed. Read more
On Track Global has been appointed by Slovakian company ZEL-RAIL s.r.o. as its exclusive representative in North America. ZEL-RAIL is a supplier of COMPEL Ditching Machines DSP 600 and 750.
Our Projects
Development, Supply and Istallation of Traffic Control Systems for Mining Railroads in Former Soviet Union
On Track Global is partnering up with World Industry leaders to supply state of the art Rail Traffic Control systems for mining industry in Former Soviet Union, India and Australia. Having had their mining production process automated, Mining Companies look to us to help them to automate their transportation segment that is becoming a bottleneck.
Procurement and Supply of Track Maintenance to Railways and Railroad Contractors in the US and abroad
On Track Global is an exclusive representative of ZEL-Rail in the North America. ZEL-Rail is the supplier of unique Ditch Cutting/Cleaning Machine DCM 600. We are working on supplying this equipment to several railroad contractors in the US. On Track Global is also involved in supplying Ballast Regulators to Indian Railways.
Re-animation of Lead-Acid Batteries for industries within North America
On Track Global is an exclusive importer and distributor of unique battery restoration and re-animation technology developed by Battery Factor in Europe. The patented Ion Resonance Technology allows re-animation of all types lead-acid batteries serving number of industries: Electrical Power, Telecomm, Railroad, Airports, Storage, Logistics and Warehousing to name a few.